Aper and Pink Digital Print Shop

Specializing in short-run, high quality printing with top notch service


  • Aper and Pink, a digital fine-art, short-run print shop, was started by a graphic designer who had her own stationery biz, and who often considered outsourcing her printing but couldn’t find a print shop that could do her short-run projects justice. (Not even close, in fact.) So once she’d been in business awhile and had learned some tricks and saved some money, she decided to be the print shop she always dreamed of.


  • Aper and Pink takes your designs and gives them the print treatment they deserve. We aim to provide the kind of quality you’d expect of your own self if you had all the tools and time in the world. You are going to get prints that will make you want to kiss us (but please….let’s just be friends?) and will in turn make your recipients and clients want to kiss you. Whether you let them is completely up to you.
  • Aper and Pink focuses on anything wedding (invitations, save the dates, menus, place cards, thank you notes, etc.), greeting cards, business cards, stationery, and art printing.


  • When Aper and Pink first launched, we started out with a super simple order form, wanting to hold off on a fancy e-commerce website until we saw how things ran and all that. What features would be needed? What features wouldn’t? We weren’t sure. But you can now get instant online price quotes for any quantity, size, and paper you need, and you can order directly on the site and pay via Paypal, ensuring you’ll also get shipment notifications the minute we hit send. That means no more waiting for invoices, quotes, and shipment notices. It’s going to be awesome. We hope it exceeds your expectations. 
  • We offer volume-based discounts based on the cost of your order. You can now calculate your own quote and see what volume-based discounts you will receive when you enter your specs on our order form. Go check it out and place your order!
  • PLEASE NOTE:  If you reside in NYS we will have to charge you sales tax, unless you are able to provide us with a NYS exemption certificate. We will invoice you separately for any tax.


  • Sample kits (which show our house papers AND display our gorgeous printing) are available here.
  • Can I see a hard-copy proof of my file before I commit to ordering? Yup! Not a problem. Order that here. Note that the maximum size for a hard-copy proof is 5″ by 7″ – if your artwork is bigger you have two options: we can print a portion of the full-size artwork on the smaller paper. you won’t see the whole poster’s artwork this way, but you can see color and quality at full size; OR, we can print the full poster’s artwork at reduced size on smaller paper. this way you can see the whole poster, but it will be small. you’ll still get accurate color representation but sometimes the quality may differ at different sizes.


  • We can print on paper other than our house papers. The story on client-provided papers is this: we can print on just about anything you want us to print on. Some papers take our vibrant pigment inks better than others. Some designs will work better on client-provided paper than others will. But in general, we know how to make basically anything look great. We’ve had good success on Crane’s (what the letterpress folks use), several Neenah papers, and all kinds of inkjet stock. TWO THINGS TO NOTE: If you need a price quote on client-supplied paper, you can do that on our order form, where you can also place your order. If you want to supply your own paper, please contact us for our shipping address.
  • What if i need envelopes and/or envelope liners?  We used to stock a whole ton of envelopes and offer them in varying colors and sizes to all customers. But then hardly anyone ever ORDERED envelopes, and they started taking up valuable space that could have been used to stock more paper (at therefore cheaper per-sheet prices). So we don’t stock envelopes anymore. If you would like, we can special order envelopes for you or we can recommend excellent places to order online. We can address your envelopes and custom print your envelope liners.  Please contact us for a price!
  • Non-standard stationary or poster size will be hopefully available in the near future!
  • Brochures:  We’re not really set up for things like brochures and the like, which is to say we don’t stock the papers needed, meaning that unless you’re looking for some really snazzy, 100% cotton, high-end brochures, you’re better off going elsewhere. If you want to supply your own paper for a brochure, let’s talk.  Otherwise, we know people who know people, so if you want to drop us a line with the kind of project you need done and some specs, we will enthusiastically recommend the best printer for the job.
  • Finishing services like edge painting, corner rounding, die cutting, foil stamping, etc…..Corner rounding is a definite yes ($5 per set of 25). The other things are on the list of “maybe in the future” for now, but we DO know people around who can do that if you’d like us to coordinate that for you. Let us know what you need?
  • You need a graphic designer before you’re ready to print? If we can’t do it, we’ve got a whole little army of graphic designers we work with and adore and we’d love to hook you up with one of them. Can you tell us a bit more about what you need?


  • We can work together on this to make it work best for you, but in general we here at A+P prefer to ship using USPS priority mail with tracking (and unless we hear from you otherwise, this is what we’ll bill you for and use). It’s 2-3 days within the US, which is usually speedy enough for most folks, and the tracking info is helpful for all parties involved. We can definitely overnight things when necessary or can ship via UPS or FedEx, as well as add any extra insurance you may want if you prefer. Since these are not noted on the order form, please zip us an email with your request for overnighting or insuring. We will invoice you for any extra fees.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we’re limiting our shipping to just the US. If you have an out-of-country client you’re ordering for, we recommend having your prints shipped to you and then you sending them on to the client.
  • Please contact us for a shipping address if you need to ship us some paper or a sample you would like color- matched.
  • During non-holiday times, average turnaround is 3-4 days for art prints and 1-2 weeks for all other orders (especially large orders may take longer). If you need a firmer turnaround estimate, figure about 5 business days PLUS one business day per 200 pieces (so an order of 1000 pieces would probably be ready in about 10 business days).We know you’d ideally like everything yesterday, and we know your client is breathing down your neck, but    perfectionist printing takes time!  Not only does it put our best foot forward, it also puts yours forward too! Aside from the actual inkjet printing, everything here is done by hand with manual machines. We run this shop very much like a letterpress or other fine-art print shop and part of that includes taking our time. If Martha Stewart Living needs five copies of your newest wedding invitation to photograph for their upcoming issue, we can certainly put a rush on that (so please do ask), but in general, if you want the pretty printing, you are going to have to wait a few days longer than the quickie-print-places.


  • We’re usually in the studio M-F from about 8:30 to 3:30. We usually don’t answer emails on the weekends or evenings. We believe in things like reading a book at night, packing a lunch for the next day, and occasionally 8 hours of beauty sleep (which ironically hasn’t helped in the beauty department!)






Aper and Pink will be closed for a little spell. We've disabled the order form for now. Thank you for understanding, and we hope to be back soon.