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It’s true. Everyone here will be happier if you take a moment to read through the file submission guidelines below and if you download the file templates here. They are available in multiple formats for your file set-up pleasure: SVG | PSD | PDF | AI (CS3+above) | EPS (CS3+above).

The guidelines below are meant to assist you in setting up your files for printing. Following these guidelines will ensure that we don’t have to contact you with questions or problems before printing, and it will help your final print-out quality be top-notch. If you run into questions along the way, ask away.

Please note that the submission guidelines only exist on this page. We know it would be awesome to provide a PDF version for safe-keeping, but in the event that guidelines change, we kinda want to be sure you have to come here + find out. If that proves excruciatingly irritating, let us know.

Please note that before submitting you must save your files as PDF. We no longer accept native files like .ai, .psd, etc. So feel free to use these templates but DEFINITELY SAVE AS PDF before you upload your files through our order form.

Now, without further ado, the FILE PREPARATION GUIDELINES:

1. Accepted File Types

We only accept .pdf files. (You can also upload .zip files, but the files inside need to be PDFs.)

2. Document Sizes / Bleed Settings

All files, whether their artwork extends to the edge of the document or not, should be submitted with a .1” bleed (.05” bleed on each side of the document). All crucial elements (i.e. text, faces, etc.) should be at least .25” from the edge of the document.

IT IS BEST TO USE ONE OF OUR PROVIDED SIZING TEMPLATES to be sure your files will be set up correctly.


3. Fonts

If the fonts you use in your design cannot be embedded in the PDF due to license restrictions, please EITHER include your fonts in the .zip file you submit OR:
a. IN ILLUSTRATOR: create outlines of all type elements (i.e. turn them into vectors)
b. IN PHOTOSHOP: rasterize your type

Please, even if your file is a PDF file, if you created it in illustrator, create outlines for all type elements.

4. Colors

Your document should be set up to print in CMYK mode. Spot colors, Pantones, and RGB colors may produce unexpected results in the final print.

If you are worried about color matching, Aper + Pink does provide color matching services for designers and resellers. We can match envelopes, physical swatches, etc., and we can also provide hard-copy samples of your files so you can see how your colors will print on our printers. Please inquire if you are interested in hard-copy proofs or other color matching services.

Note that if you have a calibrated monitor, your monitor will provide a surprisingly accurate representation of how colors will actually print on our printers.

5. Resolution

Please be sure that your document’s resolution is set to 300 dots per inch (dpi) or else your artwork may not print properly.

6. Bitmap elements, Photos, Etc.

Linked or embedded elements are fine, but if linked, please be sure to include all linked files in your .zip file at the time of submission.

7. Zipping Your Files

If you are only submitting a single file, say a single PDF file, then you can upload it as is. Just be sure to name it appropriately (see step 8).

If you have multiple files for your order, if you need to include font files, or if you have linked bitmap/photo elements, please create a single Zip file containing your artwork and support files.

a. Mac users: Ctrl-click your folder and select “Compress [folder name].” Stuffit files are also acceptable.
b. Windows users: you can download one of the many free or shareware compression utilities such as WinZip or ZipGenius.

Once your file has been zipped, please be sure to name it appropriately (see step 8).

8. File Naming

While you will be uploading your file at the time of placing your order, meaning the file will be “linked” to your order in our database, it’s still a good idea for your file name to give an indication of what order the file belongs to. Please name files using your name and a unique file name.

File names should not contain spaces but can use lowercase, uppercase, dashes and underscores.

9. Submitting Your Files

You are be able to upload your files as you create your order. If for any reason this process fails, you can submit your file via Dropbox by sharing with hello@aperandpink.com or you can use a service like hightail (formerly yousendit) to send a large file.

Aper and Pink will be closed for a little spell. We've disabled the order form for now. Thank you for understanding, and we hope to be back soon.